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We’re here for new entrepreneurs, dedicated to simplifying your workload so you can focus on leading as CEO.

As fellow CEOs, we empathize with the challenges of juggling multiple roles—managing daily operations, overseeing programs, meeting product launch deadlines, and delivering exceptional customer service. We offer affordable website solutions tailored to overwhelmed entrepreneurs, aimed at streamlining time-consuming tasks.

Let’s work together—delegate tasks you don’t have time for or simply prefer not to handle.

Think of Heavenly Help as your trusted eliminator of time-consuming tasks!

  • Say goodbye to fretting over web updates.
  • Say goodbye to creating social media content.
  • Say goodbye to searching for extra hands to boost team productivity.
Heavenly Help GA LLC has been supporting busy entrepreneurs since 2019. With excellent skills in web design and social media management, we ensure your company’s online presence runs smoothly month after month.

We understand the challenges that arise when hiring independent contractors or individuals who lack the specific skills needed, creating a complex and constantly patching environment for you.

You’re likely experiencing:

  • Juggling multiple responsibilities, leading to burnout
  • Tasks being dropped, affecting clients and deadlines
  • Overburdened team members
  • Feeling there aren’t enough hours in the day
  • Ultimately, not achieving the desired results

We can solve these problems. Eliminating time-consuming tasks is our specialty. You focus on being CEO while we handle those tasks and ensure everything comes together seamlessly.



At Heavenly Help GA LLC, our vision is to empower new entrepreneurs by offering innovative web and mobile app design, dynamic social media marketing, and other essential services. We aim to be recognized globally for our exceptional customer service and dedication to fostering business growth. 


Our mission is to alleviate entrepreneurs’ burdens by managing their online presence effectively, enabling them to concentrate on strategic leadership as CEOs. We are committed to helping startups establish, expand, and sustain their brands in the competitive digital landscape.

verlanda smith - founder and ceo

Verlanda is the visionary behind Heavenly Help GA LLC, a leading provider of virtual assistant services. Together with a team of skilled independent contractors, she empowers busy entrepreneurs by handling time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus on their roles as CEOs.

Driven by a passion for supporting startup small business owners, Verlanda leverages over 18 years of experience in IT and exceptional customer service. She excels in delivering top-notch virtual assistant support, innovative solutions, and strategic business guidance to her clients.

Specializing in social media marketing and management, website design, and business coaching, Verlanda and her company are dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the digital age.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Verlanda enjoys expanding her skill set, writing (check out https://verlandanacole.com), exploring new destinations, cherishing moments with her children and extended family, and actively contributing to her ministry and community.

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Why Us?

15+ Years Experience

With over 15 years of experience, we provide top-quality services in virtual administration, web design, and customer service.

Professional Services

We take pride in delivering highly professional services promptly via email. For more personalized assistance, VIP services are available both in person and by phone.

100+ Completed Projects

Offering competitive pricing and exceptional service,  We have achieved a 97% client retention rate. Starting rates are available on the services page. Contact me for more details.


Since 2019,  we heave supported busy entrepreneurs by providing web design, social media management, content development, and virtual administrative assistance. I ensure your company’s online presence remains strong and help you streamline tasks month after month.